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10m music video 2020

A series of videos and short form content from various theatre artists. If you are interested in having us check out your content, send us an email at


Paul Gordon



Bonus Content

Kitty Bennet Part 1


Hi! I’m Kitty Bennet, celebrity vloger. I have four sisters that drive my crazy and I might be dating an alien.
Also, my entire life is a musical. You will not be disappointed.

Written by Paul Gordon Starring Juliette Goglia

Kitty Bennet Part 2


My Life is a Musical. Come on over! You will not be disappointed. Written By Paul Gordon Starring Juliette Goglia

Kitty Bennet Part 3


Hi. I’m Kitty Bennet. My sisters? Drive me crazy. You won’t be disappointed Written By Paul Gordon Starring Juliette Goglia



Words and Music written by Tamra Hayden

song recorded at Top Of The World Studios, Art Halperin Producer/ Engineer; video produced by Martin Ruchman

Tamra Hayden - vocals, acoustic guitar Art Halperin - guitar solo Dan Palladino - electric and acoustic guitars Glenn Rice - bass (video) Roger Cohen - drums and percussion Al Greene - bass (recording)



Words and Music written by Frederick Reed

Funkyfreddy - vocals, guitar, bass, keys, percussion Tamra Hayden - vocals John Seiden - pedal steel guitar TwinGhost - drums

Video Filmed and Produced by Tamra Hayden



Words and Music written by Tamra Hayden

Vocals - Tamra Hayden Keyboards and synthesizers - Peter Bosman

Arranged and produced by Peter Bosman (The Mysteries Studios)

Grow as We Go


GROW as WE GO by Ben Platt. Performed by Ry Armstrong and Stacia Fernandez. This video was featured as part of a Cover Nation Ben Platt contest. Director of Photography: Tyler Milliron

Secret of Happiness

The Musical Theatre students at The University Of Michigan perform an amazing version of THE SECRET OF HAPPINESS from DADDY LONG LEGS

  • Paul Gordon Composer

The Writer


A lonely writer imagines himself into his fantastical stories

CREW Written and Directed by Garth Kravits Camera Operators Eric ElizaganBrian Kim Production Manager Jessica Wu 1st AD Eric Elizaga 2nd AD Anastasia Shulgina Live Sound Recording Jessica Wu Wardrobe Lia Chang Jessica Wu Hair and Makeup Lia Chang Production Assistant Brad Mauney Edited by Garth Kravits CAST The Writer Garth Kravits Fancy People: Shannon Cheong, Lia Chang, Tony Edgerton, Prince Jackson, Danielle Jordan, Anna Noble, Steven He O’Byrne, Minami Yusui The Dancer Ashley Arcement The Waiter Daniel Dunlow The Husband / Multitask / Neighbor Viet Vo Truly Foxxy Jaygee Macapugay Dr. Cyclops Christopher Gurr Mynx N’ Match Anastasia Shulgina Special Thanks: Daniel Dunlow, Ashley Arcement, Viet Vo, Ji Soo Lee, Nettie Elenion The Poet’s Den Gallery and Theater Produced by Lia Chang Cut&dry film with Bev’s Girl Films

My iPhone and I


A parody about smartphones, to the tune of “The Wizard and I” from WICKED

Lyrics and Concept: Zak Sandler To the tune of “The Wizard and I” from WICKED (Music and Original Lyrics: Stephen Schwartz Used with permission from Stephen Schwartz) Director, Videographer, Editor: Tyler Milliron Orchestration and Track Production: Charlie Rosen Pianist: Zak Sandler All other instruments: Charlie Rosen Vocal Recording Engineer: Isaac Benelli Cast: Zak: Zak Sandler Brunch Friends: Perry Sook, Ella Smith, Leslie Vincent Apple Genius: Ben Boecker Wife: Leslie Vincent iPhone Users: Mitzi Akaha, Gracie Lee Brown, Jason Collins, Brigid Harrington, Jazzmin Jolly, Aidan J. Lawrence, Ty Rood Siri: Herself Special thanks: Stephen Schwartz, Margaret Ivey, Cathryn Wake, FluffMachine, Cafe du Soleil, the Apple Store and Apple in general.

Another Winter in a Summer Town


How do our perceptions of time relate to our conception of ourselves? We naturally age and stay the same simultaneously. When we are young, the specter of age is always hanging in front of us. When we are older, we don’t feel any different. We look back and realize how fast time has passed and that we were never as old as we thought we were at the time. This piece is intended to capture all of that through one actor playing the same character at different stages of life.

Scott Frankel - Composer Michael Korie - Lyricist Jennifer Evans - Actor Paul Lincoln - Pianist, Cellist, Guitarist, Accordionist, Clarinetist, Saxophonist, Bassist Orchestrations by Keith Thompson, Larry O’Keefe, Paul Lincoln Sound recording editing and mixing by Larry O’Keefe Film editing by A2K Productions Conceived, directed & filmed by Paul Lincoln

Gen Z Stay Home PSA


Featuring young adults from all over the United States and beyond using their voices to empower their peers to stay home in an effort to keep themselves, their friends, parents, grandparents, and all at-risk people healthy and out of reach of the coronavirus.

Created and Produced by Heidi Blickenstaff and Nicholas Rohlfing
Co-Produced and Edited by HMS Media, Inc.
Executive Producing Partner: Scott Silberstein
Producing Partner and Editor: Christie Fall

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You Have to Be Carefully Taught

We can’t continue to live in the world we are living in today without great change. If love is not our driving force, we will die as a society. We have to recognize racial injustice and cross cultural divides. We must seek to know the souls and hearts of all people and build meaningful connections to mend our brokenness. #BLM Musical Arrangements - Tedd Firth Produced and performed by - Lynn Loosier

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