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The Golden Cage

1h 25m Musical, Opera, Chamber Musical, Drama, Deborah Henson Conant 2023

“The Golden Cage” is a show for multi-generational audiences. Because of its universal subject matter, sophisticated music and whimsical characters, “The Golden Cage” is a powerful show for many ages to see together, giving them a common language to talk about the trap of isolation, the polarized reality of being an ‘insider’ or an ‘outsider’ — and the discovery that it’s only through human connection that we can break through to our common humanity and the glorious truth of who we most deeply are.

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Music and Lyrics

Deborah Henson Conant

Music Director

Nevada Lozano


Cate Cammarata

General Manager

Scott DelaCruz

Director of Photography

Tyler Milliron


Cindi Rush

Production Stage Manager

Tala Munsterman

Stage Manager

Emily Burstyn

Production Designer

Tyler Herald

Properties Master

Daniel Brothers

Properties Assistant

Brittany Daggett-Duffy

Camera Operator

Rachel Monteleone

Isaac Benelli

Camera Operator

Lighting Design

Michael Cole

Projections Design

Peter Leibold

Projections Design

Paul Deziel

Costume and Wig Design

Evan Prizant

Production Assistant

Katie Pound

Production Assistant

Laura Goodnow

Production Assistant

Betsy Chapman

Production Assistant

Bert Van Middendorp

Production Assistant

Joseph Dellger

Covid Compliance Officer

Callie Stribling

Film Editor

Tyler Milliron

Post Sound Music Mix and CD Mastering

Julian Evans

Production Sound Mixer

Colin Taber

Sound Assistant

Scott MacDonald



Closed Captions [CC]





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