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Streaming Musicals is made up of a group of Artists who want to make it easier for you to watch musicals and plays. We capture the magic of theatre on film and bring it directly to all of your devices. We focus on storytelling, character, and music and we do it because we love theatre and and want to build a bigger outlet for people who love theatre.

By watching on Streaming Musicals, you are actually supporting the artists who are in, and who are creating, the shows you’re watching.

No subscriptions. Just click and watch.

Support theatre and theatre artists and watch their shows anywhere because now theatre is everywhere.

What is a Soundstage Musical?

A Soundstage Musical is a hybrid between a film and a stage musical. We stage the show in a theatre or on a soundstage but we shoot it like a film, with 3 cameras and no audience. The actors sing live but most of the orchestra and underscore are filled in later.

Like a movie musical, there is no applause at the end of a number, but like a stage show – we see the magic of theatre created on your screen – bringing you something new, something special and something truly unique.

Do you have more shows coming? Yes we do! Streaming Musicals, as a new and growing company, are making musical theatre magic happen. We need you to keep your eyes on us. We have some very exciting shows to announce soon! Create an account and opt-in for news and important information.

Do you have any more Behind the Scenes videos? We do! If you want to go to our YouTube page - Streaming Musicals - you’ll see lots of behind the scenes interviews. Like and follow that page. Or join us on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. We’d love to stay in touch. Email us at with any questions.

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