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The Hunted: Encore Season 2

8 Episodes musical, comedy, horror, Award Winning TV

In the Press: “There will be fangs, fistfights and “Bite me” jokes, all set to guitar-driven musical numbers that will sound just like heaven to fans of 1980s straight-to-VHS action films.” - New York Times

“The Hunted: Encore is that perfect combination of campy silliness executed with genuine craft and skill.” - The Gothic Library

“the series is great…a truly good production.” - IndyRed

Get the soundtrack recording here.

An Official Spinoff of Robert Chapin’s The Hunted. The longest running web series EVER

Swords, Songs & Slayers collide in this award-winning Musical Action Comedy that pits Megan and her team of vampire hunters against a sinister bloodsucking syndicate. The Hunted: Encore is an official spin-off of The Hunted, the longest running web series on the net (est. 2001). This series has been featured in the New York Times, Tubefilter, IndyRed, and more. Official Selection/Winner at 30+ festivals worldwide!

“From a production standpoint, “The Hunted: Encore” features some really well done tunes. Recorded and mixed nicely and to be honest… really well written.“​ - IndyRed ​ “The special effects used are really quite impressive”

“All of the actors are phenomenal, and the chemistry between the leads is very good.” ​- DarkestGoth Magazine

Get the soundtrack album here.


Crystal Arnette

Assistant Director

Ashley Monique George

Director of Photography

Garrett Kafchinski

Visual Effects

Robert Chapin


A.M. Zick

Additional Sound Design

Steve Goldshein


Ned Donovan

Musical Arrangements / Mix Engineer

Will Melones

Score Composer / Songwriter

Marcus Thorne Bagala

Score Composer / Songwriter

Marcus Thorne Bagala


Preston Max Allen


Megan Bagala

Additional Photography

Charlie Muentes


How I Saved the Day


The slayers square off against a new, dangerous foe….but Ned and Megan have very different memories of how it went down.

The Hunted: 101


Bob (creator of The Hunted) has come from LA to warn the slayers, and to teach them a thing or two.

Subscribe, Rate, Review


The vampires are vlogging. Meet the boys of your new favorite channel, BloodNFangz!

It Only Takes One Bite


The Queens of the Damned make Megan an offer that’s to die for.

Between Two Fates


Andrew attempts to draw the vampires out of hiding, but who is baiting who?

Between Two Fates


Andrew attempts to draw the vampires out of hiding, but who is baiting who?

Come Face the Girls


Alliances and friendships are tested as new divisions emerge on all sides.

In the End


In the epic season 2 finale, battle breaks out between the slayers and the vampires.

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