• Musical, Romance
  • 1h 21m

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Boy meets girl on a block in the East Village, a place like no other, where muses come to life, singing and dancing and magically providing guidance to two misguided romantics and their loving, albeit controlling, parents.

Marry Harry is a romantic comedy that explores family (restaurant) business, family loyalty, marriage, love, food and finding one’s path in life with humor, heart and just the right amount of spice.

Director of Photography

Tyler Milliron

Production Designer

James Morgan

Sound Designer

Julian Evans

Costume Designer

Matsy Stinson

Lighting Design

Jensen Chambers

Music Supervisor

Eric Svejcar

Assistant Choreographer

Victoria Casillo


Bill Castellino

Assistant Director

Joseph Hayward


Carol Hanzel

Line Producer

Tom Polum

Unit Production Manager

Scott Delacruz

Production Assistant

Chris Flores

First Assistant Director

Jensen Chambers

Camera A

Tyler Milliron

Camera B

Isaac Binelli

Behind The Scenes

Susan Hook

Behind The Scenes

Christos Kaititzis

Script Supervisor

Diana Shoyket

Assistant Audio

Kimberly O'Loughlin

Assistant Audio

Diana Prasad

Food Props and Styling

Katherine White

Assistant Set Decorator

Sabrina Lederer

Assistant Costume Design

Theresa Miles

Dialect Coach

Carlo Flammenghi

Hair and Makeup

Carmilla Cunny

Hair and Makeup

Tressa Cottone


Richard Koenigsberg


Shay Davis

Artistic Director

Brooke van Hensbergen





Bonus Content


This is the Pre-Show for the premiere of Marry Harry. We partnered with Food Tank and you can make a donation on our home page or at

Filming a Musical

With Tony Melson, Kim Steele, Diane Phelan, David Spadora, Veanne Cox, Paul Salvatoriello and Jesse Manocherian.

Behind The Scenes teaser

A peek behind the scenes of Marry Harry.

Streaming Musicals

A quick discussion on the hybrid of film and and theatre. With the cast of Marry Harry.

The Family Story

The case of Marry Harry discuss what it’s like being in an Italian Family/Restaurant. With David Spadora, Paul Salvitoriello, Diane Phelan and Veanne Cox.

Cook or Chef?

Which one are you?

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