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Perfect Life

A farmer on a journey to find his wife




After landing in a mental institution, a farmer reflects on his journey to find his wife and the unexpected companion he found on the way. Having received rave reviews in the 1980s, One Man Band has been re-imagined as PERFECT LIFE, a new musical about loss, denial and moving on. Tony and Emmy award-winning composer Larry Hochman teams with Marc Elliot and Laurie Hochman for a powerful, haunting and romantic new musical.


Nina Amara as Voice 1

Susannah Crowell as Voice 2

Cat Phillips as Voice 3

Dalton Hutto as Doc Noonan

Daniel Cline as Art

Emily Christine Smith as Karma

Alicia Lyn Cornwell as Adelle/Mary Kay

Larry Hochman Orchestrator

Larry Hochman/David Blackburn Music DIrector

Howard Begun Music Preparation

Audrey Barrett Assistant Music Director

Chris Ehresman, Alicia Lyn Cornwell Choreographers

James Jennings Lighting Designer

Jeff Miller Sound Designer

Courtney DeGinder Projections

Veronica Prior Costume Designer

Jim Schuler Set Design

Jim Schuler Technical Director

AJ Reyes Stage Manager

Lariena Armstrong Volunteer Coordinator

Diana Rafferty House Manager

David Blackburn Graphics and Program Designer

Darren Scharf at Well Rounded Films Film Editor

Darren Scharf at Well Rounded Films Film Director

Darren Scharf Camera

Magic Hoskins Camera

Jeff Harland Camera

Noelle FItzsimmons Camera

Jeff Miller Recording Engineer

Jeffrey Lesser at Jet Laser Productions Mixed and Edited

Larry Hochman Conductor

Larry Hochman Piano

David Blackburn Synthesizer / Harmonium

Sonja Larson Violin

Adrienne Banks Cello

Alex Freeman Acoustic and Electric Bass

Brice Rafferty Guitar/Autoharp/Banjo

Marc Elliot Lyrics

Laurie Hochman Book and Additional Lyrics

Larry Hochman Co-Composer

Marc Elliot Co-Composer

Larry Hochman/Marc Elliot Film Producers

Barbara Schuler Producer

Barbara Schuler Director

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