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Still Waiting in the Wings

There's no people like show people and there's no telling what can happen when they're pitted against each other.




Still Waiting In The Wings follows the trials and triumphs of actors waiting tables in Times Square. While dreaming of the Broadway stage, the reality of slinging hash under fluorescent lights mixes sweet aspirations with bitter drama. There's no people like show people and there's no telling what can happen when they're pitted against each other. Nick Adams, Ed Asner, Carole Cook, Lee Meriwether, Patricia Richardson, Chita Rivera, Seth Rudetsky, Sally Struthers, Bruce Vilanch, and Cindy Williams round out this heartwarming homage to Broadway with some delightful cameos.


Jeffrey A. Johns as Anthony

Joe Abraham as Bradley

Rena Strober as Rita

Adam Huss as Tony

Lee Meriwether as Ethel

Blake Peyrot as Lee

Rebekah Kochan as Gina

Harrison White as Kelsey

Chita Rivera as Broadway Diva

Cindy Williams as Rosie

Bruce Vilanch as Chef

Patricia Richardson as Delores D'Amboise

Sally Struthers as Lucy

Edward Asner as Jefferson

Seth Rudetsky as Mr. Nelson

Carole Cook as Erika Ericson

Nick Adams as Steven

Tiffany Commons as Char

Elizabeth Saydah as Denise

Michelle Loucadoux as Carole

Kelley Dorney as Robin

Michael J. Marchak as Ronnie

Joe Manuel Gallegos, Jr. as Gene

Grant Zabielski as Zach

Joe Conti as Patrick

Jared North as Harry J.

Travis Andre Ross as Rob Cockulus

Scott Cullen as Jonathan

Dante as Rick

Derek Ocampo as Jake Riverside

Sean Samuels as Brian

William Sterling as Pascual

Jason Medina as Louis

Doug Perry as Gavin

Derek Perry as Garrett

Nick Santa Maria

Joseph Buttler as Musical DIrector

Christopher Youngsman as Audition Monitor

Cassie Nordgren as Bway Choreographer

Leanza Cornett as Fantine

Abby Carlson as Dolly

Brad Simanski as Harold

David T. Morris as Lion King Soloist

Roddy Kennedy as Luke

Laurie Bloom as Candi

The Naked Cowboy as Naked Cowboy

Joven Calloway as Dancer

Marius Beltran as Dancer

Kit DeZoit as Dancer

Derek Lewis as Dancer

Spencer Ty as Dancer (as Spencer Pierson)

Carlos Chang as Dancer

Steven Rada as Dancer

Romeiro Davis as Dancer

Bradley Boleman as Dancer

Michael Starr as Finale Dancer and Soloist

Devin Collins as Finale Dancer and Soloist

Sylvie Gosse as Finale Dancer and Soloist

Jennifer Brasuell as Finale Dancer

Matthew Bunker as Finale Dancer

Hayley Dorling as Finale Dancer

Natalie Harber as Finale Dancer

Craig M. Lucas as Finale Dancer

Michelle Jeanette Anderson as CAT Dancer

Zack Crocker as Fosse Dancer Vocalist

Mason D. Banks as Musketeer Dancer

Matt Densky as Puppet Vocalist

Nicholas DeFillippis as Hobo Dancer

Matthew Lee Robinson as Chimney Sweep Vocalist

Imani Estese as Blue Bird Dancer

Thanos Skouteris as Play Rep Vocalist

Timeaus Le as Newsboy Dancer

Mary McCaman as Nun

Audrey Messick as Oklahoma Dancer

Chelsea Leiss as Orphan Dancer

Eric Allen Smith as Mormon

Andrew Soto as Royal Paige Dancer

Alexis Marie Waggoner as Showgirl

Cesar Brodermann as Central Park Dancer

Bridie Clark as Central Park Dancer

Drew Fountain as Central Park Dancer

Grace Freeman as Central Park Dancer

Melissa Hunt as Central Park Dancer

Heather Klobukowski as Central Park Dancer

Santino Manocchio as Central Park Dancer

Glorola Vitali as Central Park Dancer

Andrew Irwin as Dancer

Sadie Posey as Dancer

Matthew Reiner as Dancer

Charile Nash as Porn Star

Danny Royce as Pornstar

George Sepa as Porn Star

David Landeros as Chris

Garay Marachek as Bud

Devon Padley as Danni

Amanda Schussel as Missy

Maggie Zamora as Betsy

Edwin Alexander as Honeymoon Husband

Cheri Charney as Tourist

Peter Charney as Tourist

Matthew Curtis as Tourist

Lily Fryburg as Tourist

Eliana Gonzalez as Tourist

Samantha Herrera as Times Square Punk

Denise Ivanoff as Tourist

Thomas Lawler as Tourist

Melissa Tabakian as Honeymoon wife

Carly Valdes as Finale Soloist

Caylynn Simonson as Finale Soloist

Nohely Quiroz as FInale Singer

Georgeen Whitney as Voice

Kaden Narey as Premiere Dancer

Oliver Rodriguez as Premiere Dancer

Savanna Poore as Premiere Dancer

Stephanie Chavez as Premiere Dancer

Ed Cao as Audience Member

Q. Allan Brocka Director

Arie Gonzalez Screenwriter

Jeffrey A Johns Screenwriter

Justen Asher Set Construction

Dean Andre Supervising Sound Editor

Jason Young Visual Effects

Laurie Bloom Production Manager

Armee Jacob Makeup Department Head

Valerie Mores Costume Design

Linda Vick Costume Design

Amy Saetang Production Designer

Rebekah Estey Set Decoration

Jonathan Knight Film Editor

Daniel Lynn Cinematographer

Genevieve Cashman Script Supervisor

Danny Abosch Songwriter

Connor Bogenreif Musician

Andrew Byrne Songwriter

Ken Clifton Songwriter

Korina Davis Musician

Christie Glaser Musician

Arie Gonzalez Musician/Songwriter

Kevin Homma Musician

Spencer Klass Musician

Paul Louis Songwriter

David Page Musician

Dillon Parker Musician

Ken Parker Musician

Nohely Quiroz Studio SInger

Kyle Richter Musician

Matthew Lee Robinson Songwriter

April Sanders Musician

Nick Santa Maria Songwriter

Carlynn Simonson Studio Singer

Taylor Smith Musician

Melro Stamm Score

Carly Valdes Studio Singer

Ruth Wallis Songwriter

Michael Whitney Musician

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