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Tonya and Nancy the Rock Opera

0m Musical Theatre, Concert 2018

Paul Boghosian/ HarborsideFilms and FEINSTEIN’S/54 BELOW presents:

Lauren Worsham & Ashley Spencer Nancy Opel & Tony LePage in Selections from TONYA & NANCY: THE ROCK OPERA Book & Lyrics by Elizabeth Searle; Music by Michael Teoli Directed by Michael J. Moritz

Feb. 13, 2018

CONCERT CD from BROADWAY RECORDS, produced by VAN DEAN CD available and

Co-MUSIC DIRECTORS: Michael J. Moritz and Michael Teoli; Stage Manager: Joe Graziosi;

BAND: Aurelien Budynek - Guitar, Ben Levin - Guitar, George Farmer - Bass, Mike Sorrentino - Drums, & Henry Aronson - Keyboard/Band Leader

Additional Lyrics and Music Arrangements by Michael Teoli; original concept by Elizabeth Searle. The rock opera is based upon TONYA & NANCY: THE OPERA with music by Abigail Al-Doory Cross and Libretto by Elizabeth Searle; special THANKS to Don Horn of triangle productions for his vision in producing and co-adapting the first workshop version of the show;

THANKS to Abigail Al-Doory Cross, George Weinstein, Ken Davenport, NYMF, Paul Boghosian & all our families.

For more information, visit: or contact Paul Boghosian/Harborside Films via: Office: 617-484-9539 Cell: 617-306-7756 Creators and

This concert film is to be used only as a Fundraiser for the Actor’s Fund and for promotional purposes; it is not authorized for commercial use. Donate to the Actors Fund to support the creation of this concert film.

TONYA & NANCY: THE ROCK OPERA is a work of imagination. While based on real events, it is a dramatization of those events and facts and creative license has been taken in bringing them to the stage. This stage work does not intend to recreate actual events or individuals.

Reviews: “Who could forget the biggest Olympic ic e skating controversy of all time? 
This critically acclaimed musical from Elizabeth Searle and Michael Teoli takes on that epic scandal with a blend of dark comedy and surprising depth. Protect your knees!” - Jack Smart, BACKSTAGE

**Reviews of the 54Below Concert CD; Short quotes: “TONYA & NANCY’ GET HIGH MARKS” (Broadway World) “Stunningly awesome” (Broadway to Vegas)

CD Review in BROADWAY WORLD excerpts:
 “TONYA & NANCY GET HIGH MARKS… Searle and Teoli have some serious musical chops: the music is driving and distinctive.. Searle expertly uses specific language to HIGHLIGHT that Tonya and Nancy are two sides of the same coin…Tonya and Nancy hits nearly all its “components” marks: transitions, skills, composition (as in structure), musical interpretation, and performance…:
Worsham & Spencer are utterly magnetic as characters we think we already know…THE SCORE HAS MOMENTS OF PURE BRILLIANCE.

Every part of this recording is deliciously entertaining. ..fresh, clever, entertaining, funny
and topical….The lyrics are insightful, and sad…The script covers a lot of territory and does so
with the artistic skill o f an Olympic champion….The expert musical compositions and in between 
commentary results in the listener having a better understanding and compassion for both 
skaters….The CD is stunningly awesome.”

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