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Waiting in the Wings

Hilarity ensues as the characters realize that in order to "make it" they're going have to learn some new tricks.




WAITING IN THE WINGS: THE MUSICAL stars two entertainers, destined for the big time, who are mismatched in a casting office from two very different online contests. Tony (Adam Huss), a stripper from New York, is cast in an Off-Broadway musical and needs to trade in his tear-away trunks for tap shoes and tights. Anthony (Jeffrey A Johns), a naive musical theatre enthusiast from Montana, needs to decide if he can strip all the way down just to stay in town. Hilarity ensues as they realize that in order to "make it" they're going have to learn some new tricks. Shirley Jones, Sally Struthers, and Lee Meriwether round out this heartwarming homage to Broadway with some delightful cameos.


Jeffrey A. Johns as Anthony

Adam Huss as Tony

Rena Strober as Rita

Lee Meriwether as Ethel

 Blake Peyrot as Lee

Sally Struthers as Sperm Bank Receptionist

Christopher Atkins as Priest

Harrison White as Kelsey

David Pevsner as Michael

Mitch Poulos as Bob

Matt Wool as Trevor

Rebekah Kochan as Gina

Ethan Le Phong as Peter

Arie Gonzalez as Aaron

 K.C. Morgan as Beau

 Sean Samuels as Brian

 Derek Perry as Garrett

Doug Perry as Gavin

William Sterling as Pascual

Jim Brewster as Daryl

Rachel King as Maria (as Rachel Davis)

 Eric B. Anthony as Robert

Roddy Kennedy as Luke

 Ralph Coppola as Joey

 Luke Lazzaro as Christopher

Cassie Nordgren as Suzie

 Olivia Kvitne as Carly

 Natalie Harber as Natalie

Morgan west as Singing Nazi

Christina Morrell as Singing Nun

Michael Whitney as Phantom

Fulis Kay as Cowboy Soloist

 Bunny Levine as Bertha

 Tiffany Cruz Villegas as Jolene

 Nohely Quiroz as Singing Cat

Georgeen Whitney as Singing Cat

Kaitlyn Robrock as Nicole/Claudette voice

Laurie Bloom as Candi Voice

Ginger Lundquist as Voice

Arianna Hyatt as Dancer

 Leola Anderson as Dancer

Vincent Gomez as Dancer

Lauren Teresa Cicerone as Dancer

Audrey Messick as Dancer

 Cindy Herns as Dancer

Diamond Polk as Dancer

Janet Nordgren Taddie as Dancer

Alexis Marie Waggoner as Dancer

Danny Dwaine Wells II as Dancer

Brittany M. Rodda as Dancer

Thomas Davis as Steven/tap dancer

Joe Manuel Gallegos, Jr as Ricky/Tap Dancer

John Paul Batists as Andy/Tap Dancer

Isaiah Lucas as Jason / Tap Dancer

Joseph Tomasini as Brad/Tap Dancer

Lindsey Nicole Brehm as Voice

Janet Herns as Dancer

Kirsten Iversen as Amber

Brian Steven Shaw as Casey/Tap Dancer

Jenn Page Director

Jeffrey A. Johns Screenwriter

Dean Andre Music

Pawel Pogorzelski Cinematographer

Phillip J. Bartell Film Editor

Heidi Strykiewicz Production Designer

Perry Mateson Art Director

Alex Navarro Costume Design

Ricky Flores Makeup Department Head

Dean Andre Sound Designer

Alexander Harris Visual Effects

Genevieve Cashman Script Supervisor

Danny Abosch Songwriter

Dean Andre Composer Theme Music

Tony Asaro Lyricist

Jordan Balagot Song Remix

Andrew Byrne Songwriter

Ken Clifton Songwriter

Adam Couste Musician

Korina Davis Musician

Art Dragon Musician

Arie Gonzalez Musical Director Arranger Songwriter

Jervy Hou Musician

Scott Insgtad Musician

Eulis Kay Singer / vocalist

Harrison Lee Song Re-Mix

Anne Markt Lyricist

David Page Musician

Nohely Quiroz Studio Singer

Sarah Salazar Singer / Vocalist

Robert Shapiro Songwriter

David Share Musician

Nikkema Taylor Featured Singer

A.J. Teshin Music Re-Mix

Carly Valdes Singer

EJ Villanueva Musician

Mike VItale Musician

Michael Whitney Music Engineer Songwriter

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